List of basic legal acts regulating the activities of natural gas suppliers

Procedure for pre-trial settlement of disputes with the supplier

Disputes between the consumer and the supplier are regulated in accordance with the Procedure for Pre-trial Dispute Resolution established by the Commercial Procedural Code of Ukraine (Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady Ukrainy (VVR), 1992, № 6, p.56). Exceptions are cases that are not covered by the Procedure for pre-trial settlement of disputes: disputes on invalidation of contracts, disputes on invalidation of acts of state and other bodies, enterprises and organizations. Complaints received are resolved in a clear, legal and expeditious manner.

The supplier is obliged to timely consider the claims received from the natural gas consumer, and if there are grounds to satisfy them or give answers within one month if the claim is rejected in whole or in part.

First of all, all disputes are resolved through negotiations and consultations. In order to resolve the dispute (in relation to) in case of violation of their rights and interests, the consumer of natural gas may apply to the supplier, including a written claim