RUSOL ENERGY LLC is a reliable supplier and importer of electricity and natural gas for industrial consumers throughout Ukraine.
The Company’s professional team uses the most modern and innovative methods to provide the most favorable conditions to its partners, which allows you to get the lowest price of energy resources on the market.
We are constantly improving and implementing the world’s most successful achievements and inventions, which allows us to always take a leading position in the market.
The company regularly purchases energy resources in various volumes in all available market segments.
One of our basic approaches is an individual approach to each partner and the simplest and most honest way of forming a tariff.

Cooperation with RUSOL ENERGY LLC guarantees the following benefits for your business:

  • favorable price and terms of payment;
  • legal support. We provide legal support to each energy and market partner;
  • international experience. The international experience of employees and the European orientation of the company allows to effectively manage risks and provide the European level of services;
  • modern risk management tools.
  • The company has well-established systems of business processes and document management, which reduces the time spent by our customers and minimizes the risk of errors. We offer you mutually beneficial long-term cooperation and individual approach based on stable partnerships.

Electricity supply in Ukraine
A successful entrepreneur is always in constant search of ways to reduce production costs. It is no secret that one of the key areas to increase the efficiency of the enterprise is to reduce the cost of purchasing electricity. No company will be able to work without this type of resource, this applies not only to the production but also to the support department.

Most recently, Ukraine passed a law that allows each consumer to choose their own electricity supplier. Now both legal entities and individuals can choose a company that provides electricity.
Changing the supplier gives the consumer the following benefits:

lower electricity costs as alternative companies offer
this type of resource at low rates;
flexible conditions for accrual of various fines and penalties;
free improvement of the electricity metering system;
legal support;
obtaining deferred payment, etc.
These are just a few of the benefits that energy suppliers offer to consumers.

Where better to order electricity supply?
Despite the fact that the Ukrainian market is literally oversaturated with such proposals, finding a reliable company is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Be sure to find out the age, tariffs and conditions of the electricity supply so that you do not have any problems in the future. Not only the budget of your enterprise, but also uninterrupted supply of this type of resources depends on your decision. Remember that without electricity, your organization will suspend production, so consider your decision carefully. The search for reliable electricity suppliers may be delayed. If you do not want to spend your time on this issue, then use our offer.

Electricity supply
The main priorities of the company are: supply of electricity at competitive prices and building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers

Natural gas supply
The best expertise in the natural gas market guarantees uninterrupted supply and the lowest natural gas prices for the company’s customers

Client support mode:
Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30
Saturday-Sunday – days off

The consumer can file an appeal / complaint / claim by:

  • submission of a written application at a personal reception to the management of RUSOL ENERGY LLC;
  • submission of a written application by mail to the address of RUSOL ENERGY LLC;
  • in electronic form according to the form below.

Requirements for registration of the appeal / complaint / claim of the consumer:

  • the full name of the consumer in accordance with the constituent documents, legal address, address of the power supply facility must be indicated;
  • the essence of the raised question, offers, statements, complaints, notifications, etc. is stated;
  • written appeal / complaint / claim of the consumer must be signed by the applicant (applicants) with the date. The consumer must add to the appeal / complaint / claim the available original decisions or copies of decisions made on his appeal / complaint / claim, as well as the documents required for consideration of the appeal / complaint / claim, which are returned after his (her) consideration consumer. When submitting an application / complaint / claim in electronic form, the e-mail address to which the applicant may receive a reply or information on other means of communication must also be provided. Use of electronic digital signature when sending by e-mail


RUSOL ENERGY LLC Ukraine, 03194, Kyiv city, Koltsova village, house 14D, office 610.
The head of the organization is Pavlo Pavlovich Ulyankin.
mob. tel .: (067) 523-39-60
rusol-energy@ukr.net www.rusolenergy.com.ua
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, weekends: Saturday and Sunday